Urgent SOS - Slide Transition & Animation Time-lag

Hey All

I’d really appreciate any urgent advice you have on this please.

I am running our live event this week and ran a tech-rehearsal to check everything was in order. The major issue I found was that there is about a 4-5 second time-lag when clicking through each slide animation, and a time-lag of a couple of seconds clicking through each slide.

If you have experienced this and found a workaround or was supported by ON24 regarding this, could you please let me know your findings ASAP?

I have raised an urgent support ticket with ON24, but no response yet :-/

Thank you in advance!


Hi @holly, No i have never experience this. Did you perhaps already tried the following?:

  • a different browser
  • check if you are on a wired internet connection (both you and your presenters)
  • Restarted your computer?

Some times these small things make a difference for me.

There is a total delay anywhere between 10-20 seconds from what a presenter is presenting (using Elite Studio or PMXD) and what the audience is seeing via the console. But I have a feeling this is not what you mean.

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I never noticed that either. The only lag time I notice is in the media player. But I also find the best bet is not to use any kind of transitions or animations at all.

I think what some people do is watch the preview window instead of just presenting and the clicks and movement of the slides in presenter mode is what your audience will see in 4/5/30 secs time.


We’ve never had 4-5 seconds of lag time, but I’d suspect it’s related to connection quality for your internet or the computer/browser running slow. What @sanne said are great points.

I’ve also noticed, once you click to advance you can just keep talking even if there is some lag between the slides. The audience gets a pretty seamless experience even when we’re seeing a delay.

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